Patients Info

Happy Family Wellness Clinic offers Direct Billing to selected insurance companies at no extra charge.

We can bill your benefits plan in real time straight from the reception!! It will save you time and effort to submit your receipts to your insurance provider, and will reduce any upfront out of pocket expenses related to your treatment.

We can direct bill the following insurance companies:

Chambers of Commerce Group
Great West Life
Sun Life Fnancial
Manulife Financial
Standard Life
Maximum Benefit
Johnson Inc
Industrial Alliance
Please be aware that we can not guarantee direct billing at every appointment due to issues with individual benefits plan or problems with submission portal.

How direct billing works?

You give us  your policy number/ID and we submit it through the web portal. The portal will give us the exact amount that your benefits plan pay; you may need to pay the remaining portion of the visit.

Will I need to pay anything?

You may need to pay the remainder of the visit fee, according to the portal reply. In example, if you are covered 80% of your 75$ visit fee, you will need to pay 15$ (the portal will “pay” the remaining 60$ to the clinic). It all depends on your individual coverage and portal response.

What treatments you can direct bill for?

We can direct bill for Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Dietitian, and Naturopathy treatments. Each individual plan may have different coverage with regards to each treatment type.

Can I check what is my exact coverage or how many visits I covered?

The submission portal is designed for clinics to create submissions in real time; it is not designed to check statements/limits/policies etc. It works very similar to a credit card terminal – it can collect the payment but it can not check the card balance.

If you want to check your coverage, remaining balance, deductible or other benefits related policies, please contact your insurance provider directly.

 What if my plan covers 100% of the treatment?

Congratulations. You do not need to pay anything extra at your appointment.

What if I have several insurance plans? Can you help to coordinate them?

Unfortunately, at that time we do not offer any coordination of benefits. We can only direct bill one plan. You will have to contact the other plan provider on your own.

Do I get a receipt if I direct bill?

We can print the statement of direct billing submission to the portal, if you would like that.

What if you cannot process my direct billing, i.e. due to portal being down?

You will pay for your appointment the regular way i.e. cash, debit or credit card.. We will provide you with a receipt and you can submit it to your plan.

Fee schedule

Initial exam and treatment $90
Subsequent treatment $45
Additional modality (Laser/IFC/US) $10
Massage therapy
Swedish, deep tissue and sport injury massages
15 min $28.32 +HST
20 min $34.52 +HST
30 min $53.10 +HST
45 min $66.38 +HST
60 min $79.65 +HST
90 min $119.47 +HST
Add to any massage therapy treatments:
Hot stone $10
Foot scrub $5
Paraffin wax $10
30 min Dead sea mineral detox body wrap $60
Initial exam and treatment $110
Subsequent treatment
30min $60
45min $75
60min $90
Naturopathic Doctor
Initial visit 60-90 min $170
Second Visit – Review of findings 45-60 min $120
 Subsequent 30 min  $75
Initial Acupuncture Visit-Treatment $75
Acupuncture $65
Initial Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture $120
 Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture  $96
Chiropody (Foot specialist)
Initial exam and treatment $110
Custom orthotics $500
Footweat modifications Varied

Cancellation Policy

If you need to make changes to your schedule appointments, we expect 24 hour notice;
otherwise you will be charged the full amount of your treatment (depending on practitioner).
If you are late for your appointment you will be charged the amount of the requested length and treated for the remaining.

Your appointment is your responsibility.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, debit or cash.
In the event that WSIB/Auto Insurance/ EHC benefits fail to pay for services rendered, you will become fully responsible for payment.

Thank you for helping us to maintain a high level of service for all our clients.

Yours in Health,
Happy Family Wellness Clinic Team