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DonJoy OA Everyday Arthritis Knee Brace Information

The DonJoy OA Everyday Brace is a lightweight arthritis brace that is both effective and easy to use. The OA Everyday knee brace offers a patient controlled telescoping condyle pad allowing the patient to “fine tune” load according to activity level.

This lightweight (19oz) arthritis brace has an anterior application with quick release straps for ease of application. Its ergonomic sweeping medial thigh/calf frame is low profile and comfortable to wear. The telescoping pad applies a load across the center of the knee joint with a reaction or counter-force at the cuffs. The three-point load redistributes compressive forces away from the degenerative area to the healthy compartment.

  • Provides up to 6° of correction
  • Allows patient to fine tune load to activities
  • Ease of application: place the brace on the leg and not step through
  • Light weight-19 oz
  • Ergonomic sweeping medial thigh/calf frame
  • Contoured cuff shells oppose the 3-Pt load
  • Redistribute load across a broader surface area
  • Swivel straps & Sili-grips, strap padding for anti migration
  • Foam condyle pad with 100% memory foam
  • Increased patient comfort and compliance
  • Patient controlled telescoping condyle pad
  • Thermoformed suede padding is standard on each brace
  • Allows patient to “fine tune” load according to activity level
  • Available only in blue
  • Shorter overall length (12-1/2″) 3″ shorter than an OAdjuster
  • Measurements taken 6″ above mid-patella
  • (Arthritis hinge is on opposite side of affected compartment)
  • Medial is the medical term for inner knee
  • Lateral refers to outer knee

Osteoarthritis— What it is and how bracing can help.

An osteoarthritic knee corrected by an OA knee brace. Osteoarthritis is often a by-product of overuse, trauma, an injury or just genetics. It occurs when the joint surface wears and tears, deteriorating the cartilage within the joint that allows the bones to move freely against each other. In OA of the knee, the result can be the painful rubbing together of the femur (thigh bone) against the tibia (shin bone). DonJoy OA braces alleviate pain through the application of corrective load against the knee joint. Simply put, the braces apply an opposing force against the knee, causing the joint to realign, thereby decreasing or eliminating the contact between the two bone surfaces. The result is decreased pain and increased mobility.

IndicationsThe OA Everyday is indicated for mild to moderate unicompartmental osteoarthritis and mild ligament instabilities.


  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Increase activity
  • Delay surgery
  • Decrease pain symptoms associates with arthritis
  • Improve joint function
  • Improve quality of life
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