DonJoy OA Lite Osteoarthritis Knee Brace



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Product Benefits:

  • The OA Lite is DonJoy’s most comfortable, lightest weight, lowest profile, osteoarthritis knee brace on the market 
  • Single upright hinge is malleable to allow further load adjustments 
  • Featuring thigh and calf straps that keep the brace in place
  • Pre-loaded hinge allows flexion of your knee and extension control

  • This Donjoy Knee Brace has Breathe-O-Prene fabric eliminates skin irritation and provides comfort by wicking away moisture 

Product Details:

  • This OA Lite knee brace is ideally suited for activities of daily living and sedentary lifestyles 
  • Includes 100% condyle memory pads 
  • Featuring strap ends, thigh grip, and pull loops 
  • Brace length is 14.5″ with MicroMesh fabric 
  • Available in Lateral or Medial types to meet your injuries 
  • Lateral refers to the outer side of the knee joint
  • Medial refers to the inner side of the knee joint 
  • ** For best result, please consult with your physician for brace type

Treatment / Prevention of following injuries:

  • Osteoarthritis treatment
  • Improve joint function
  • Joint pain relief

How to Measure:

Measurements are taken at your knee centre, 6″ above your kneecap (thigh) and 6″ below your kneecap (calf) using a flexible type tape measure

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