Psychotherapist Michelle Sher

Psychotherapist Michelle Sher

Registered Psychotherapist and Certified “Am I Hungry” Mindful Eating Coach.

Many times awareness or better understanding of ourselves, nurtured in a supportive environment can provide us with the tools needed to help us to navigate our way through lifes challenges with greater clarity.

As a registered psychotherapist I can support you in moving through anxiety, panic attacks, depression, relationship and general life challenges.

As an “Am I Hungry” Mindful Eating Coach I can work with you to improve your relationship to food and your body. With Mindful Eating I take a non-diet approach to helping you break the; eat, repent, repeat cycle, at the core of many of our current issues around weight and well being.

For 5 percent of people diets will work. The “Am I Hungry” approach to food addresses the other 95%. I work respectfully and compassionately with all my clients, whether receiving therapy or choosing mindful eating as an alternative to current weight loss initiatives.

Sometimes our way of being does not support our goals and desires and we may need help in understanding current thoughts and behavior patterns. I move through obstacles with my clients, adapting each session specifically to your individual needs as apposed to a one method fits all approach.